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Welcome to the Home-Start Calderdale website!

Home-Start Calderdale supports families across the borough who have young children. All our families have recognised that parenting is a really hard job and that they just need a little bit of help.

We support families who are struggling with a variety of issues including family breakdown, illness or disability, lack of confidence, loneliness or simply lots of small children! All our trained volunteers have parenting experience themselves – they’ve been there and got the t-shirt! A volunteer can bring the fun and love back into a family with kindness, patience and a good dose of humour.




As many of you will be aware, Home-Start has spent much of 2016 conscious of a reduction in the funds that are needed to operate to its current levels. Throughout 2016 Home-Start staff, trustee and volunteers worked hard at fundraising and many of you got involved with that – we are so grateful to those of you who did.

Many applications have been made to a variety of Foundations and Trusts. Some have been successful but sadly, the larger applications have not.

Now, despite our best efforts and despite striving to keep providing support to families without any reduction we have now reached the point where the only means of survival is to reduce in size and revert to a core service.

At the start of 2016 the Home-Start staff team was 13 strong with a volunteer team of approximately 120. In June 2016 this was reduced to a staff team of 9 with approximately 100 volunteers.

From 3rd April 2017 the staff team will reduce further to 4 – a Senior Co-ordinator, 2 FTE co-ordinators and an administrator. 5 paid staff will be made redundant.

This will obviously impact on the number of families that we can support and the number of volunteers that we can support in the delivery of that support. The Home-Start Board of Trustees and management are currently working to reduce the number of those families in the least impactful way. The final outcome of this service reduction will be shared with our funders and partners as soon as possible.

This situation does mean that Home-Start needs to close for referrals for the foreseeable future whilst it manages the re-structure internally. Any referrals that are received will be returned to the referrer with an explanation. The situation will be reviewed in April.

It is obviously with great sadness and regret that Home-Start is diminishing but we will continue to emphasise on quality, flexibility, child focus and attention to detail and work to secure further funds to allow for continuation.


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