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What parents think of Home-Start...

"She was the armbands in deep water. She was very reassuring emotionally and would sit and talk to me if I wanted to talk. And she gave me what I call hands-free time."

"It felt hard to ask for help at first but once the volunteer started to visit, I wished I'd done it years ago."

"Since I found out about Home-Start everything has changed. It's amazing that just one person can wake you up and say 'you can do this'. I can and I've done it."

"Home-Start has been a lifesaver. Wendy has helped me get off anti-depressants and I've stopped smoking. Without Wendy and Gill I would have gone mad. I didn't think there was any hope."

"Having Dot made me think about I want to do and I want to do a lot more with my life. I know I have to get motivated. If I hadn't had Dot I think I would probably still be in bed!"

"The best thing about Mandy is that she gave me the kind of help and support that I know my family would give me if they were close."

"I have found a lifelong friend in my volunteer, my husband has a happier wife and my children have a contented mother."

"With Home-Start's help I got through a terrible time, and now my house is full of hope and laughter."

"Knowing that she would be visiting for me through those early weeks, she helped me forget about all my worries and anxieties for a while - which meant that I could put them in perspective."