supporting families & local communities in Calderdale

Friends of Home-Start

Everyone needs a friend or two! Friends provide unconditional support and encouragement, allowing us to develop and grow, to become stronger and better in everything we do.

Which is why Home-Start Calderdale now has a Friends Initiative. We support families with young children across the whole of Calderdale with a wide variety of support needs. It could be practical help with twins or triplets, support around a child with a disability or simply an extra pair of hands at teatimes - we can be there! Or it might be emotional support for parents struggling with mental health problems, children with behavioural issues, family breakdown or separation issues - we can be there! But we need Friends to support us while we do this - we need Friends to help us grow.

Many of us support national charities and may not see the impact of our donations at a local level. By supporting Home-Start Calderdale your donation will directly help improve the lives of children and families in Calderdale. Growth will allow us to support more vulnerable families and help local people develop their skills during volunteering. We currently have around 100 volunteers who support a family each every week, providing a listening ear, encouragement and motivation and that all-essential extra pair of hands. Our volunteers undertake training and many go onto work or further education.

In order for our service to continue to provide the high quality support it has done for 13 years, we need your help. By donating as little as £5 a month, you can ensure that more families in your neighbourhood can receive the support they need to give their children the best possible start in life.

To become a Friend you can either call the office on 01422 242124 and we'll send you a form or you can download the leaflet (as a pdf) by clicking here.