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Quality Assurance in Home-Start

No matter where in the country a family lives they can be sure they will get the same quality of care and attention from their local Home-Start because we all work towards the Quality Assurance Standards. The Charity Commission has given its endorsement of the Quality Assurance System for local Home-Starts. Accredited by Home-Start UK, this forms part of the Commission’s Quality Assessment Endorsement Programme.

The eight outcomes that all Home-Start schemes work to complete are:

  • Governance and Strategic Planning
  • Learning and Improving
  • Managing Resources
  • Managing Staff
  • Managing Volunteers
  • Managing Information
  • Welfare of Children & Supporting Families
  • Working in Partnership

At Home-Start Calderdale we are highly committed to developing the quality of our services. The Home-Start Quality Assurance system has been developed by The Charities Evaluation Service specifically for Home-Start. It is a bespoke system incorporating all the elements of a practical quality assurance system for small organisations (PQASSO), Investors in People (IIP) and the Charities Evaluation Services (CES).

Our last external review took place in 2018 and we achieved a 96% pass mark!

The system has also been rooted in Home-Start and its existing best practice, integrating all elements of our Policy and Practice Guide. The result is a quality assurance system that puts quality support for families at its heart. Home-Start’s quality standards recognise that quality is about learning what you are doing well and doing it better. They also recognise that quality means finding out what may need to change to ensure we continue to meet the needs of families. The process of comparing our practice against the Home-Start quality standards in a systematic way means that our scheme is engaged in implementing a ‘quality assurance system’, which will result in continuous improvement and high standards of support for families. Like all Home-Start schemes, we are externally reviewed every three years. The review addresses all elements contained within the 8 quality standards as outlined above. Information gathered by self assessment between reviews is used as evidence that Home-Start Agreement requirements are being met.

Home-Start quality assurance standards as set out above give a clear picture of how we are working and are useful planning tools for all operations.