supporting families & local communities in Calderdale

How does Home-Start make a difference to families?

Does what we do make a difference for the better?

The answer is Yes! Home-Start Calderdale helps parents build better lives for their children.

Our recent Social Impact Report showed that families supported by Home-Start Calderdale are 

  • less isolated
  • more resilient
  • show improved mental and physical health
  • see improvements in children's behaviour and well-being
  • have less conflict in the family

We tailor our support to each family and their specific needs, and we work with the whole family, providing a package of support, comprised of emotional and practical support, activities with the children and help to access other services.


We measure the impact that support from Home-Start has for our families, by asking parents to score themselves on a coping scale from 0-5.

Every familiy's needs were measured at the start, during and end of support, and they scored themselves from 0 (not coping very well) to 5 (coping very well).

With support from Home-Start Calderdale, families made progress in 4 areas: Parenting skills, parental well-being, child well-being and family management.

This chart shows the impact that support from Home-Start Calderdale has had on these families.

This chart shows the number of families who feel there has been an improvement in each area of need since Home-Start support began.

You can see by this evaluation, that Home-Start Calderdale can:

  • change how parents think and feel about themselves and their children
  • help them cope with the challenges they are facing
  • support them to provide good early parenting

We offer a universal service to all families whatever their background, which is rigorously quality assured through a Charity Commission system and achieve 100% quality mark.