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Trustees in Home-Start

A Home-Start Trustee is a volunteer who sits on the Trustee Board of a local Home-Start scheme. Each scheme is an independent charity and being a Trustee is all about the governance of that charity - making sure things are done, sometimes helping things get done but not necessarily doing them by yourself!

Without volunteer Trustees Home-Start schemes couldn't function and both families and children wouldn't get the support they need. Being a Trustee can be hard work, but it is also rewarding, giving many chances for personal development and the chance to give something back to your local community.

The role of the Board includes

  • Developing the Strategic Plan
  • Monitoring the operational progress of the Strategic Plan
  • Ensuring that the organisation works within legislative frameworks e.g. Equal Opportunities, Employment Law
  • Provide feedback for the Senior Co-ordinator of the organisation through supervision and appraisal
  • Develop policies and procedures for the organisation e.g. Health & Safety policy
  • Support the operational management of the implementation of policies and procedures
  • Agree and monitor financial budgets

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Some quotes from our Trustees

"I started off as a volunteer and I know that what I’m doing as a trustee gives help to the families we support."

"I love the people, the staff and trustees and their commitment to the core purpose of the business."

"I’m proud of how highly regarded we are by the Clinical Commissioning Group and other agencies that work with families."